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Pay It Forward in
                    Memory of John Dye Guidelines

We at Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye want to do whatever we can to encourage people to reach out to others with compassion and pursue those "possibilities for goodness" John spoke about and sought to embrace in his own life.  In addition, we want to give people a place to share about their experiences in paying it forward for John.  To keep things running smoothly, we ask that people please adhere to the following guidelines regarding use of the Pay It Forward site and its affiliated accounts.  Thank you!

Guidelines for Contributions to the PIF Web Site

Among the intents of the Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye web site is to give people ideas on how to help their communities in Johnís memory.  We hope people will then take a few moments to reflect on their experiences on our Random Acts of Kindness page.  Those writing RAOK reflections are welcome to name the organizations they volunteered with.  However, it is our policy to not link to organizations except those listed on the Charities page which were chosen by Johnís family.  Contributors are also welcome to include photos so long as the image reflects only them and/or inanimate objects in order to preserve the privacy of others.
We truly appreciate the passion and commitment people feel for the organizations they support.  However, the web site cannot be used to raise funds or promote organizations other than the charities chosen by the Dyes.  While we applaud everyoneís efforts, itís simply not possible to highlight everyoneís causes in a timely manner nor do we want to deflect from those that were designated as recipients of Johnís memorial gifts. 
Thank you for your cooperation and your efforts to make Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye a place where we can all honor John and help those around us!

Guidelines for the PIF YouTube Channel

PIF would be pleased to use our YouTube account to host videos of contributors performing their random acts of kindness.  However, as with the photos on the RAOK page, only the contributors and/or inanimate objects may be shown in the video.  Again, this is to protect the privacy of others.  An example of something we would be happy to add is video of the contributor putting together care packages for the troops.  Something we could not include would be someone delivering care packages to people as the recipients will not have given permission to have their image shared.  Please always be aware that anything added to the PIF YouTube channel can be viewed by anyone.

We know that there are many beautiful and moving video tributes to John online.  However, due to copyright ownership over the clips and music used, PIF cannot include these on our YouTube channel.  Thank you for your understanding.