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For John

Though we never had the honor of meeting him, John's fans have long felt immense gratitude for his sensitive, passionate portrayals of Andrew, Doc Hock, and the rest.  Here we invite fans to leave messages, memories and thoughts of John and how his work and life touched their own.  If you would like to leave a message here, please contact us at admin@payitforwardinmemoryofjohndye.net *.

John at Hilton Head circa 93-94
The Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye web site was granted permission by Jim Dye to display the personal photos of John you see on this page and throughout the site. At the request of John’s loved ones, please do not re-post or publish these photos anywhere else. Thank you.


From LC:

Touched by an Angel series recently aired and I was so touched by John Dye and his role on the show. He touched so many lives as Andrew. A true angel on earth as I am sure he is heaven. Rest In Peace John.


From Shirley:

With gratitude to John Dye, for his wonderful portrayal of Andrew, which has deepened my faith, and, I hope, made me a better person.  For the soul searching words he spoke whilst playing this part and for the kind, loving, generous, fantastic person he seems to have been. In searching for information across the internet, there is not one negative word about him - and that seems to say it all. 

For the most inspirational and comforting words he, as Andrew,  uttered during the whole TBAA run - "I want you to know there's nothing, nothing, to be afraid of.  On one side, there's life.  And, on the other, there's life too"


I would like you to post my experience in which John and the rest of the cast have made my belief so much stronger (I'm Jewish). I was married for 14 years to Ally and have a 20 year old daughter Keenia.

We divorced 10 years ago but have always been each other's best friend and I always told her I would look after her. In Jan 2013 she discovered she had stage 4 cancer. She was engaged at the time but her fiancé who is 10 years younger was very little help.

In March 2015 after going all over the world for treatment she moved back in with my daughter and me. She ,and me, had a wonderful 11 months but very sadly passed away age 49 on Feb 4th this year.

Watching Touched by an Angel over the years definitely helped me through this very very hard part of my life and so many weird things have happened since Ally passed I know she is waiting for me when it's my turn to go. So once again thanks John and may you and Ally RIP

G-d bless



I look back at all the changes with my life in the past few years. I'm glad to say those changes are working towards good even when at times the circumstances seem bad. One change was losing my mom. I miss talking with her very much but I and my family and her friends still feel her presence providing us with happy memories and amusing moments. She lives on through us. Our circle of family and friends continues to grow and evolve. I'm sure it's the same for John's family and friends. His life is celebrated and his impact continues. I still learn of ways he's influenced others and brought people together. It amazes me. One change that John has brought into my circle of family and friends is Jenni.
 Jenni and I 'met' through the internet as a direct result of John's death. We would never have been in contact if it hadn't been for that. We grieved his death together along with other fans.  We talked about meeting at some point in time. Then she and I began working together with several others to make this website idea happen. The possibility of meeting up in person became more of a reality after the website went live. However Jenni's and my first physical meeting came about unexpectedly with Lynn's death that winter.  We continued working on the website together and are now friends by choice.  Many of our conversations revolve around our personal lives-our family/friends, work, and hobbies rather than the website.  We pretty much talk about any and everything! And, we have gotten together under much happier circumstances. 

 I've enjoyed those times with Jenni and the adventures we've taken. We have nudged each other out of our comfort zones, challenged, and supported each other. We've cried, disagreed, laughed and had fun together. We have surprised each other and even our own selves. I'm glad we have been able to develop a friendship that goes beyond the circumstances that brought us in contact. I hope our friendship lasts a lifetime!

Thank you, Jenni, for your friendship. I value it.
Thank you, John, for 'introducing' us. You are loved!

Thank you, Lynn, for bringing us together the first time and being our friend as well.
Thank you to all of John's family, friends and fans for your part in Jenni's and my friendship.

For all of you who read this, may this site inspire you and your life-long friendships. 

Happy New Year, everyone!
Blessings to you.


From Susan:

  "Just think of me, sometimes. When the night gets cold, or the day gets lonely, and it doesn't seem you will ever get to where you are going...

  And remember...even though the road is taking us to different places now - in the end - I believe we will see each other again. And I will be there waiting - ready to welcome you with open arms."

 Although Andrew didn’t say it, this quote from the episode, “Vengeance Is Mine” reminds me so much of John.  Although I never met John personally, based upon what I know about him, I can imagine him saying something like that in a letter, to someone who is struggling…someone he wants to encourage and comfort…someone whom he can’t be with, at the present time.

 I love this quote because, to me, it acknowledges that although there will be frustration, separation and loneliness along life’s road, it also promises there will be reunion, fulfillment and eternal love, at the end of that long road…and that is why we need to hold on tightly to those promises, each and every day, and not grow weary because “the pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that is coming”.


“Touched By An Angel” affected me like no other TV show ever has…or ever will again.  I loved all three angels – but Andrew was the one who truly captured my heart.  Yes, John happened to be an incredibly handsome man…but he was SO much more than simply a “pretty face” to me.

The show - and specifically John’s portrayal of Andrew - brought such tremendous inspiration, hope and comfort into my life, especially during some very difficult times of depression, anxiety and loss.  I cried so much while watching that show…but they were good, healing tears, not sad ones.

I must admit, it gave me quite a thrill to hear John excitedly and repeatedly saying my name in Andrew’s very first episode, “The One That Got Away”, when he said, ”Susan?? Susan!!  Oh my, my, my, how are YOU??  How ARE you??”, and then gave “Susan” a big kiss!

Also, I am one of those really odd people who actually hates chocolate.  Loved it as a kid – grew to hate it as an adult.  When I tell people I hate chocolate, they often think it’s very strange.  So I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that John hated chocolate, too.  What an odd thing to have in common with him.

I believe it was John’s beautiful soul that so lovingly brought Andrew to life, as no other actor could have.  I’m sure there were many fine actors who could have done a good job in portraying Andrew.  But John was simply born to play that role.  Of course, he was only human like the rest of us, and certainly not perfect.  I know he would never want me to put him on any kind of pedestal.  Yet, every time I felt Andrew’s tender love and gentle compassion, I knew I was also feeling John’s spirit, as well.

When John died, I was so heart-broken and didn’t know what to do with all that grief, as I really had nobody to talk to about it.  After all, how do I explain the overwhelming grief I felt about the death of a man who I hadn’t even met in this life?  Most people would simply not understand.  I can barely understand myself, how it is possible to so dearly love a man from afar, who I never met in this life.  Only another person who has also loved this man from afar – could possibly understand.  I don’t know…I think love is so powerful, that it knows no boundaries such as space and time.

When John was alive – he was only 5 years older than me.  We were born in the same decade – the 60’s – he in ’63 and me in ’68.  His roles in all those 80’s movies brought back plenty of hair and fashion memories of my own time in high school, having graduated in ’86.  But also, whenever someone close in age to me dies suddenly – it really hits home, as far as MY own mortality.  It was especially heart-breaking because I’m sure there was so much more he wanted to do in this life, and it seemed to be cut short, while so many mean-spirited, bitter people live long lives well into their 90’s.  It just doesn’t make sense to our limited, finite mortal minds, but I know God has a very specific plan for each one of us, even if we cannot yet understand it, at this point in time.  In fact, I remember John saying as Andrew in the episode, “Hearts” – “you never know when it’s going to happen.”  It was simply his time…and the Lord took him Home.  I find great comfort in knowing that he is safe and happy now in the arms of our Lord, and his dear mother is with him now, too. 

John, our Angel Boy, you were such a sweetheart, and I love you so much.  I look forward to being with you in Heaven, someday, where I can finally tell you, face-to-face, just how much you mean to me.  Where I will finally see your kind face and sweet smile in person – and not through a TV or computer screen.  A place where goodbyes will no longer be necessary.  But in the meantime…I hope you can feel my love for you from Heaven.  Love is such a powerful, eternal thing…I feel as though that it can pass right through the veil that separates earth from Heaven.

Love Forever,


From Cindy:

Happy Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye Website anniversary! My prayer is that it continue to offer hope and inspiration just as John continues to.


Another year with the PIF web site!  It's been such a joy to see the number of visitors climb and to know that folks all around the world are interested in paying it forward for John.  May his legacy of good works and love for humanity continue to grow!

God bless,


hi im Eileen from Ireland may john rest in peace I never knew he passed at the time touch by angel is still on tv over here Andrew's my favourite angel

love and peace
Eileen in Ireland


Recently, I have been watching reruns of "Touched By an Angel" on TV, and Andrew was always my favorite character. When I looked to see what other work John Dye had done, I was shocked and saddened to hear that he had gone home. As the "Angel of Death", I found him very handsome and charming. I never knew him, of course, but I think he was an amazing soul. The world is darker for his loss. But I know he had his own angel to take him home.
Crystal L.


Aloha Dye Family
My name is Mudji.  I’m emailing to express my deepest sorrow for your lost of John Dye.  I’m so sorry to hear about his passing and I know it must be hard to lose someone so close to you
I would like to take this moment to express my feelings to you To let you know that my prayers are with you all during this time of sorrow
Just to say that My  Hula class did a nice tribune to John Dye and each of us did a tribune performance for him
Hope that will lift you
I’m such a huge fan of the cast of Touched By An Angel
And I heard about John Dye passing so I would like to extend my warmest greedings to the family and friends.  May John Dye continue his life and His journey on. As you know May the Memory of John Dye be forever in the hearts of those who love him
John Dye was my favorite television actor and I enjoy the work that he did and the things that he did for the world

I’m such a huge fan of John Dye and my dream was to be able to meet John Dye someday but my dream had never happen

I have many memories and stories to share about John Dye and here is one of my memory story about John Dye. On the Show Touched By An Angel John Dye and Roma Downey and Della Reese are like sister and brother to me and I always love watching the show and when John Dye was talking to the people on the show

May John Dye continue his life and his journey and may the memory of John Dye be forever in our hearts

Aloha sincerely Mudji V.
Biglsand of Hawaii


for the Christmas Holiday’s I got som DVD’s from “Touched by an Angel”. I’m impressed by the characters in this tv production. They’ve touched me more than the people in my church for the last years, after I lost my father, my brother, my husband and my mother. Now I feel again that God is close to my, hears my prayers and has given my so many things to be greatful for. I thank John Dye for playing the angel Andrew. My husband saw angels in his last day on earth among his family and two young sons. So I believe in angels en John gave them humor, warmth and a lot of empaty. I’ll take it wtih me in my hearth, every day.
Thank you,


Hello, my name's Ria. I'm from Indonesia.

I saw my very first episode of Touched By An Angel just a few weeks ago, and truly blessed by the people's work over the series. Of course, I'm also touched by Andrew, by John.
I started to look up the news of the cast the producers, people who got involved with TBAA and...... i'm really...... surprised, shocked, with John's passing.

I thought there was this 2-minute moment of silence of not believing what I was reading.... followed by a smile, realizing that what the show and the cast, and especially the three angels, Monica, Andrew and Tess' work is a timeless work. Why, they touched my heart, someone who is very faraway from their homes and someone who is exactly "the next generation" because... it's been like... maybe ten years? fifteen years? I got the feeling that the show is as old as I am. Still, it touched me.

So for everyone who stop by the site, family and friends of John Dye, TBAA fans, anyone who stepped in here, I send you all my prayers and grateful feeling that we, ever once united with John, directly or indirectly.

And thank you, for creating and maintaining this site. May it touch people from all over the world too.


Happy 1st anniversary for the Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye site!  This morning as I sipped my coffee (I only had one, I swear!), I thought about how a year ago I'd been camped in front of my computer anxiously awaiting the appointed hour when we'd make the site "go live."  What I didn't tell anyone at the time was that as soon as I hit the magic button, I walked into the other room and sobbed.  Not for long.  After all, we had a live chat going on.  But I guess in that moment, the enormity of it all hit me.  One of the last things I ever wanted to be doing was co-running a John Dye memorial site.  I just plain didn't want a John Dye memorial site to be necessary... but it was.

From our first generation, humanity has been in mourning for those gone too soon.  However, we've also been resilient, hopeful, brave, and caring in the face of loss.  I see that more clearly now than ever before.  I am grateful to John, his family, and this site for helping me to develop those traits in myself in the past year.  I know they've done the same for so many others, too.  In the past, I've believed that there are few things stronger than the human spirit but now I've seen so many sharing their spirits of love and kindness with others.  I've believed for a long time that beautiful things can come from terribly sad things but now I have proof.  I've believed that we can conquer our fears if we really try and pray for strength.  Well, in this past year I've witnessed so many people leaving their comfort zones, myself included, and what I once only believed, I've now experienced!  I've believed that God can use us even when we are broken and sad.  He has!  He does every day, in every act of kindness we perform in John's memory!  We have taken our mourning and turned it into something that inspires, heals, and enlivens.  I pray John's aware of it all and knows that it's all because of him.  I am so thankful God shared John with the world!
Despite my tears of a year ago, I am glad and grateful that this site exists.  John deserves all the peace, love, and joy beyond imagining that he is experiencing now.  He also deserves to be remembered here.  May payitforwardinmemoryofjohndye.net long be a place where we can remember John, celebrate his life, pray and be prayed for, and then take that comfort and inspiration out into our communities with love and compassion in our hearts... love and compassion that were so much a part of John Dye.
God bless,


I ask this question, “How has this site changed you?”
For me, it’s been several ways. I delved into the computer world and not completely successful with it either (sorry, Jenni).
I have become involved in some ministry/charity opportunities that I would not have considered prior to working with this site.
My faith has been renewed. I had experienced several life blows in the past 4 years, but, for some reason, John’s death just shook me to the core. And, it scared me. It threw me into a place that I didn’t like, but I could not seem to get out of-until this idea of the Pay It Forward website. This site has brought me from an unhealthy, depressing grief of John to a healthy, productive grief. Let me explain.
I remember when I first read the post about possibly creating this site. I SMILED. I mean a teeth-baring, almost giddy SMILE! And, it was the first time that had happened concerning John since before I knew he died. The thought of having this website to honor John and pass on his legacy gave me HOPE!  Nothing up until that point had done that for me. Although I was finding reassurance that John was O.K., and finding comfort in grieving with a group of fans, and peace in Bible verses and songs because I truly believe God is in control, I couldn’t find the ‘good’ of this ‘bad’ thing that had happened.  Then I read the posts on the Facebook group and I started to feel hope again. I became excited about this project and wanted it to happen. Next thing I knew I was volunteering to help build this website. It also offered me the opportunity to ‘pay’ John ‘back’. I had a desire-something to look forward to again. It felt GOOD! I still have my moments of grief, but it is different. And, that hope is spilling over into the rest of my life. My joy is back. I can even tackle challenges once more.
A quote from John in the book, Touched by an Angel: Stories from the Hit Television Series, says, “People need hope; they need to find ways to draw closer to those they love; they need something to take away their fears.”
This website has helped that to happen. I have drawn closer to the ones I love, and have come to love a few more people. I can even give an example about overcoming fear: I went on a couple of trips this summer and *I drove*! I have this fear of driving in big cities, especially unfamiliar cities. So I never volunteer to do the driving through or in a city. I’ll offer my car, pay for gas, or drive in the country or the small towns…but not in a big city if I can possibly help it.  By big I mean bigger than Amory or maybe Tupelo. ;)  I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and faced fear and all due to PIF.
Has it been an easy year? No. Has it been worth it? Yes! If I had it to do over again would I? You bet! We’ve said all along it’s been a Labor of Love, and it has!
This website offers ENCOURAGEMENT and HOPE not only to John’s fans and others who read it and apply the ideas offered in it, but to all who mourn John or someone else, and especially to those who benefit from our efforts to ‘Follow your heart, make a difference in your community’. Happy Anniversary/Birthday, Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye! Thanks to everyone for helping get this site up and running! Thank you, John, for setting the example-you are my standard. Thank you to the Dyes for your support as well. I am looking forward to year number two… with HOPE!
Love to All,


I just recently found this wonderful website after Touched By An Angel came to the GMC channel and I was surfing the Internet to read more about John. I loved John/Andrew on TBAA the first time around so I was thrilled to be able to watch him again! Through Andrew, John has given me much comfort and peace during some very difficult times in my life. Like everyone else, I was shocked and devastated when I learned of his passing in 2011. We are all fortunate to have had John as an inspiring and sincere example to follow. He was such a beautiful, compassionate person and gone much too soon. But, God has his own plan. In remembrance of John, I have made it a personal mission to try to watch (or watch again) everything that he ever acted in. I have been a fan for a long time and have seen most of his movies and TV shows. However, I never watched Tour of Duty when it was originally on. So, last weekend, I checked out Tour of Duty, Season 3, from the library and had my own Doc Hock marathon. He was fantastic in that roll too! I knew he would be. The Pay it Forward website is a perfect tribute. I appreciate all of the people that have made it possible and all of the work they have done on this labor of love. It has truly inspired me to do more volunteering and giving in honor and memory of John. I was so happy to find a way to give something back to him. To his family, I want to pass on my deepest condolences on the loss of John and Mrs. Dye. It has been heartwarming to come to know his family, and how close they are, through the PIF website. I enjoyed learning more about John’s Mom and I love the photo of them together. It is one to cherish. I know from personal experience that loosing two people so loved, so close together, is devastating. Find peace in the fact that they are in Heaven and you will all be together again one day. John could convey so much love and compassion by simply placing a hand on someone’s shoulder, speaking words of comfort, or giving that endearing smile. A gift like that comes from a gentle spirit and a kind heart. Thank you, John, for sharing your very special gift with all of us. We will treasure it always. God bless all of you. Donna C. Illinois


From Kerstin:

I'm doing a TBAA Marathon these days and after that I'll watch the Christmasmovies and all the others I have standing here. It's good not to break out in tears anymore when I see him...only when the episode is so sad/ happy/ sentimental ;-)


From Jane M.:

I want to leave a comment to such a wonderful man he always touched me as an angel in the series and was gutted to find out he had died what a beautiful man he must be an angel he came over as a nice person and the tears in the series were genuine. RIP John Dye you were lovely and would feel privileged if you were my angel


When I was fourteen, I desperately wanted to be thirty-something.  It was not just because high school wasn't exactly 100% awesome although I'm sure that played a small part.  Nope.  It was because I had seen the epitome of awesomeness and he was thirty four years old so that had to mean being thirty-something would be awesome.  He had great hair and beautiful eyes and impeccable style and a warm, friendly voice and eye brows that I was pretty sure deserved their own TV show because they were so darn expressive and... well, he was just all-around gorgeous.  He was, of course, John.  At the time, my family didn't have the Internet so I only knew of John from his work as Andrew on Touched by an Angel.  But one of the good things about my high school was the computer lab.  I spent many a happy break there perusing John's web site and reading interviews and looking at photos from John's past projects.  When my grandparents became the first in the family to get the Internet, I started staying over night so I could spend a little more time reading up on the fellow without having to rush out every time a bell rang so I could do a locker run before class.  The web site also provided me with a handy list to take to Blockbusters where I rented Best of the Best and Sioux City and Campus Man, etc.  It also informed me of a short film, Mother, Mother, that I was then able to catch on cable and promptly fell in love with.  But even better than all of that exposure to John's filmography, the Internet clued me in when John was going to appear on talk shows and such.  As I watched those, I came to admire, respect, and love the man behind Andrew, Todd, Virgil, Jeff, etc.  His repartee cracked me up and his compassion and gentleness made me feel like it didn't really matter that Andrew was fictional.  We had this wonderful, beautiful, REAL human being in our world and, somehow, knowing that made me feel safer and got me through many a frustrating day at high school and then college.  But I still wanted to be thirty.  :-)

Well, yesterday I turned thirty.  There was a moment when I started to feel a little panicky.  I was finally thirty-something but John was no longer in our world and that broke my heart.  But then I remembered that's not really true, is it?  I believe with all my heart that John lives on in that other Home that he spoke of so often on TBAA and that he had faith in.  But he is still here.  He is in the hearts of those who were blessed to know him and in the hearts of those of us who only admired him from afar.  As he neared his fortieth birthday, John wrote one heckuva credo.  You can find it here.  John also left behind a legacy of compassion and dedication.  Those words and that example will inspire me as I make my way through whatever years God plans to give me.  A part of John will always be in this world even as he now lives in Another.  That was quite obvious to me yesterday when I got to spend part of my 30th birthday welcoming four new people to our Facebook group.  In them and in all of you who visit this page and choose to pay it forward, John lives on here in our world.  I thank God and John for that.  I thank them for the sixteen years I have been inspired by John and touched by his beautiful life.  I hope I can spend my thirties living up to his example.



I can't say I ever saw John on 'Touched by an Angel'---in truth, I only watched the show one time, before he was ever on it, and never watched it again.  *Hanging head in shame*  I called them "The Buzzard Crew."  All that weekly death was just TOO dismal for ME. :)
--So it's odd that I could practically quote all his LINES from Tour of Duty. :)
I guess all that NORMAL death was too dismal.  As long as you're shooting somebody every week, or blowing them up, well, that's all different, right? :)
I wish I'd known him.  I'll bet we'd have had fun. 
If a message to him were possible, I would quote one of my favorite movies:
"Are you really this cool? Are you out there? Are you listening?  I feel like I know you, and yet we'll never meet. Ah so be it..."
I am without formal religion, yet I have no doubt.
He's out there, all right. :)  Good work, dude. ;)x
I currently do a lot through the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.  I'd recommend anyone checking that out, as well.  It's a very broad scope, and a very good idea.
'Be the change,' y'all! ;)
Georgetown, KY


Dear Johnny; You must have really been an Angel! Because, you did many a wondrous deed & you always reached out to those in need! You must have really been an Angel! Because, you always stood ready to lift the Spirit's of people in pain & give them great comfort time & time again! You must have really been an Angel sent from above soaring to Earth with Gods' great of love! John, you must have really been an Angel! Because, your Blessing's are still with us wherever we go! We miss you, John & we still love you so! Your friend; Dawn.




I used to watch TBAA a lot when I was younger, and Andrew was my favorite character from the beginning. I don't know if it's naive to expect real angels of death like Andrew to be there for us, but it has given me hope, and made me less afraid to die.
I was recently looking up episodes of TBAA when I found out about John's death. I am not much of a news watcher, and I was shocked that I hadn't heard about this news sooner. But, there is a reason for that.

At the same time John passed away, I had a fatal accident myself. I was home alone when my grandma found me, passed out on my couch and not breathing, when she came to pick me up for church. I'd suffered massive kidney failure, and was taken to the ER by ambulance. When I was 'stabilized', I then suffered a pulmonary embolism through my heart, and died while in the hospital. They did CPR on me for what I was told was over 45 minutes, before they brought me back. I'm not sure why they kept going trying to revive me after so long. I had signed a DNR before, and I heard they only did it because I was so young (25 years).

I spent a week in a medically-induced coma, because they were sure I would have brain damage. Then, for 3-4 weeks after that, I felt like I was in hell. I had severe memory loss, nightmares and hallucinations of all horrors imaginable, and no sense of reality. I slowly came out of the darkness, but was still having auditory hallucinations for a week after I was sent home.

I had a major 'crisis of faith' after that incident, because I had been raised in the church, believing I was going to go to heaven when I died. I'd seen all these accounts of people who say they 'died' for seconds or minutes, and saw loved ones in Heaven, or saw angels and bright lights. But I saw none of that. I didn't know what to believe, and was angry and confused for a long time. My life has been extremely difficult, with 8 back surgeries and being disabled with chronic pain since age 12. I was hoping God would have sent me a sign of hope.

It's because of TBAA and Andrew, that I still hold out hope for Heaven, and that John Dye will be there among angels, for when it is 'my time'.

Thank you for letting me share this story on your page, and I hope many others will be touched by this amazing man the way I was.


I would like to share a quote. Roma Downey said to this to me in November via twitter when I lost a co-worker: "Death is not the extinguishing of the light but only the putting out of the oil lamp because the dawn has come." I grew up watching John in Touched by an Angel, and I believe he is now truly with the angels. He will never be forgotten! Much Love, Jessie 


From Carissa:
Even though I didn't know you I love the way you were as a human being. You treated everyone so nice and even though you became a Hollywood Star you never let the Star part go to your head. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends during this hard time.


From Drahomíra:

Hi all.  Let me condolences for John Dye.  John Dye / Andrew is in my Heart always.  Good bye  in God land.


From Kimberly:

TBAA changed my life when I discovered it in its fifth year.  My father was dying at the time and the night I channel surfed to it, there was a message I needed to hear.  I was addicted after that.  Since John's death, I have done much reading about him and have decided that we will be magnificent friends in heaven.  We have the same theater tastes (I was shocked to find out his two musicals were my two favorites) and many other things in common.  Though in my forties, I cried when he died.   Felt far too soon and he was far too young but yet God's plan is always perfect.


John made an impact in my life. He was trully a blessing to this world. I never took the time to send him a letter to let him know. I won't miss this opportunity to let them know. I have several life lessons I have learned and am willing to share as we grow together and I hope that they will inspire others to hang in there when the going gets tough. God Bless you for putting this site together nd i look forward to the work I can do to help you spread the word to Pay It Forward.

Cathy Scott


I watched a few episodes of TBAA growing up when my family first started watching, and witnessed how the show carried my mother through some very difficult times.  My younger brother had become very ill and the stress, heartbreak, and isolation had taken a toll on her.  I believe the show gave her the sense of hope and acceptance that she needed in order to cope.

The show's message of love and the genuine kindness she sensed in the cast members gave her peace and renewed her faith.  She found John's character especially comforting; she always said that she couldn't imagine anyone else playing that part.  After his passing, when I learned about the life of integrity and service that he led, I understood that it was John’s personal qualities that made Andrew so credible and his message so compelling.

I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to his family for their loss, and to express my gratitude to them for John's gifts to the world.  John truly represented all that was good and right with the world.     

John, California


"Nobody's promised tomorrow. So don't pass up the opportunity to tell somebody how you feel about them."

The above quote is one of my favorites from John Dye, spoken as Andrew on "Touched By an Angel".

Although I never knew him personally, John has been very dear to me for many years. He's made me laugh. He's made my cry. Most importantly, he gave me a greater sense of peace about death. That alone is priceless gift.

And I know I've said this before, but it's only because of him and his work that I have some of the wonderful friends that I do and I really am so grateful for that.

John has been a constant in my life for years, and still is. So I guess I just want to express my appreciation to him, and to his family. John has been such a great example and his influence still continues on today and will far into the future.

Thank you, John, and thank you to the Dye family. You have truly been a blessing.

Quincy, Florida


This is an awesome sight and the individuals who put this sight together shows they care and pay tribute to an outstanding actor, son, colleague and most of all friend.  Although I never had the privilege to meet John personally, he visited my home on a weekly basis during his tenure with TBAA.  He gave those hopes who were in despair and gave them a reason for God’s Love.   Definitely he was a true Angel.

I am praying that when my times comes to be with GOD in his Kingdom that John will be there as my Angel to lead me through the gates of heaven.    Rest peacefully Angel Boy… We Love you…

Lea Ann Weatherford


John Dye first impacted my life as ''Andrew'' on ''Touched By An Angel'' His compassion kindness, and love has touched my heart in so many ways! I was so happy to find out that he was just as loving, kind, and compassionate off-screen as he was on-screen. My favorite story of his kindness is the story of how he would order a bunch of food at restaurants, and then go and pass it around to homeless people. I close my eyes, and I could ABSOLUTELY picture him doing this! My hope is to be able to do something to pay it forward in his memory, and to hopefully make him proud that the good work that he started continues, and that his memory lives on! I look forward to the day when I go Home, and I'm abe to thank him for the HUGE impact he's had on not only my life, but so many others!

Ok, this quote that Gloria said on TBAA ("The Birthday Present") reminds me of John because he left such an impact on SO many people's lives without even knowing it! His kindness, love and compassion for others, and his eagerness to help those in need has had such an amazing and lasting affect on those that he left behind. He may be gone from this world, but his love and compassion for others lives on in his legacy!

''Every human being touches the life of someone else. Sometimes without even knowing it. And before they leave this world,
they each have a chance to leave something behind to say ''I was here. I mattered.''
They leave children or wisdom or love, or sometimes a little turtle. And in a way, it's like they never really left.''

I would also just like to add that I know that I will see John in Heaven someday, because as he said in the TBAA episode ''Random Acts'' ''On one side, there's life. And on the other, there's life too.''

 Annie Goen

PS- I would just like to say that no matter how famous or how big of a celebrity he became, John NEVER forgot where he came from


I spent several weeks in grief and disbelief after John died, wondering how someone so loving and giving could possibly be taken away from us so young.  Somehow, just knowing John was somewhere on this earth had always made this world a safer, more loving place in my mind. 

I first watched Touched by an Angel at a point at which, looking back now seems to have been timed by God.  Having grown up in an abusive environment, I never learned to trust God, his love or his mercy.  Going through life this way had been excruciatingly painful, but I had gotten to a point in my life where I needed to know His love if I was to survive:  I had just lost my grandfather, the only person who had ever loved me, just as I was coming to terms with the abuse that had taken place in my family growing up.  In the process, I lost my entire family and ended up alone.  My marriage was falling apart and, just when I thought I couldn’t hurt any more, I lost my precious child.  The pain, isolation and rejection felt like more than I could bear.  It was John’s gentle spirit and compassion, which came through in his role as Andrew, that gave me a glimpse of God’s love and marked the beginning of my journey into finding Him.       
While Touched by an Angel brought me healing through its plots and characters, it was the thought of the people behind the show that touched me even more.  The thought that anyone could hold enough love, courage and conviction to stand in front of the world, risking ridicule and rejection, to speak up for God, for love and for truth was overwhelming.

John brought me to God’s love when I needed Him the most, and because of him, my children, and hopefully their children, will now know God’s love.  My gratitude and my prayers will always be with John and his family, and I pray that his family finds some solace in the knowledge that the love, compassion and healing that John brought to others changed more lives than they will ever know.    

L.S., California    


Hi all,

What a wonderful thing that has begun. I belong to both Facebook groups and John is being honored in such a wonderful way here.

I have health issues crowding my life but wanted to take the time to say that at a very dark period in my life, I found TBAA and had the privilege to experience John’s contribution to Touched By An Angel. It felt like a balm on my wounds. Then, learning of the man, John Dye, I was amazed that he “walked his talk” and set out to “make a difference” in this world and use his fame and notoriety for good and to help the less fortunate. That is rare when many use their wealth and fame for self serving interests. Not John. He has made a difference in my life and gives me hope that I too can make a difference in my corner of the world.

Thank you so much for this website. I will contribute graphics, etc as soon as I can...just wanted y’all to know that your efforts here are very much appreciated.

Mr. and Mrs. Dye, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for “sharing” your son with all of us. A scripture comes to mind: Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it” Your diligence and faithfulness in rearing all of your children was apparent in how John lived his life, personally and professionally.Thank you again and may God richly bless you and yours.

Michelle Fox
*be blessed*


From Joëlle:

Hello to all, I want to make me also a tribute to John who helped me more than it ever will be, in the good and especially in the bad moments with "touched by an angel". His death affected me enormously. I think of him from morning to night, I know he is always with us or it is, as a guardian angel who watches over the people who have and who still love. The people who are on this Facebook page, know that all 10 of each month, I put a little message of sadness and I expressed my sentence, it is always a very bad day for me to pass. My thoughts are in particular to his family and friends. I thank Mr. Jim Dye for giving me a lot of talk about John, ca has me a little help. It was exactly as I  imagined, would have really liked to meet John and tell him all that I have had on the heart. A big thank you for this site and i wish him much success, I really look forward to a visit. Especially a big thank you to his family to be very present for us, his fans, which is very rare. Je t'aime John tu me manque tout les jours !!!


I never met Mr. Dye and yet he had an impact on my life—mine, and so many others.   Of course his involvement in "Touched by an Angel" gave many people comfort and a sense of peace, but  I was more affected by the role he played in life. Whenever I heard or read an interview or article I admired his kindness, his courage, and his sense of responsibility.   This was a man who genuinely cared about how he affected the world, and I think the world is better for his having lived.  

John Dye didn’t just talk about his values; he took action. For all his self-effacing comments he was a celebrity who used that status in the best ways, whether to raise funds, participate directly in helping, or push us to look at something that needs to change.   He didn’t always take the safe road; at times he took a controversial stand or challenged people publicly.   But at the heart of it all was his striving to make the world a more compassionate place. 

I don’t expect anyone to be an angel, but in many ways I view him as the kind of person I want to be. 

I am so happy to see people coming together in his memory.  Groups like this are an ever-present reminder to act from the very best parts of ourselves.   May we always remember John Dye the man and be inspired to accomplish more for his having been here.

Marjorie Randall
Reno, NV


From Priscilla:

To John Dye

Perhaps heroes are just for children
to lend sparkle to innocence
or to glow when all else is dark,
When I grew older and heroes died,
I mourned for a joy that was lost
But I awoke one day and there you were,
Shining before my eyes.


I wanted to write a little about what John has meant to me.

I absolutely adored John's work but never knew much about him personally. After his death when so many articles had come out about him, I realized he was just as I always had imagined him to be. He appeared to be a very loving, and giving person who was very involved in giving back to the world around him.

I fell in love with him when I first saw him on TBAA and then on TOD. John was a very talented actor who brought a truly unique quality to all of his roles.

Like so many people I was deeply moved by TBAA and especially by Andrew. He was so full of love and I derived so much comfort and inspiration from him during some very challenging times in my life.

I know the world is a much better place for John being in it. I will forever love him and be grateful to God for this wonderful man..



A true angel

Although we didn’t know each other you’ve always shown so much love, a gift from God in Heaven above.

Although your time came a little too soon all we have to do is look at the stars and the moon God needed you that is all that we know but it was sad to see you go.

For your family, friends, and fans you always did have high demands.

To honor your loving memory we will always see what you did even from the time that you were a kid.

We love and miss you John Rest in Peace Angel boy for now you will experience nothing but joy we love you and will continue to do everything that we can to “Pay it forward” in your loving memory for we went you to see how you have affected us all before you got the call to go home to God.

I know this poem may seem odd but it is the one thing that has me thinking of you  since you were too good to be true.

As your character Andrew would continuously say “God Loves you each and every day.”

See you on the other side

Elisa De La Torre


From Wendy:

we knew John Dye as a very gifted actor , both in films and on television. We saw, him from early on play a variety of roles, and knew he was going to be a big star.
Like  so many of his fans, his Passing had a profound affect on me. I felt i had to create something to convey that even though i didn't know him  personally, he mattered. He touched people's lives. He touched my life.

in being part of this website , i feel i can see what John was really about. he had compassion for the hungry , the homeless , children living with AIDS ,  and do you know what? He  never forgot where he came from.

In getting to know John's mom and dad , and an dedicated group, of fans,  who all have worked hard to make this website a reality, i can see the legacy he has left all of us. To open our eyes, our hearts and our minds. John left for us a challenge: to continue what he started.may we make him proud.

From Cindy:

I have been a fan of John Dye for years. But since January of 2010 when my mom passed away, he has especially been on my heart and mind.

So I have been trying to figure out just what it is that makes this man so special. Knowing John was ‘out there’ somewhere brightened my days. It wasn’t just his acting or his looks. It wasn’t that he was from the South. Those are the things that first attracted me to him. John was a man of God, he loved his family and friends, the places he lived and the work he did. He was kind and compassionate.  He took time to care for others.  And, John tried to make a difference.  This is what endeared me to him.  His plans may have changed through the years, but did his purpose?  No, John wanted to change the world.  I believe he was called to be an actor so that he would have better opportunities to do just that.  He changed the world by acting.  John changed the world by acting as a man dying of AIDS, a conscientious objector Army medic, an angel, and a variety of other roles both real and fictional.  John also took action.  He changed the world by making a difference with each activity and place in which he was involved. John changed the world by taking something he loved to do and using it as a means to accomplish what he needed to do.  And he did it one project and community at a time. This made him special.

Did his life turn out like he planned? Probably not, but, was there a plan for his life?  Yes there was.  The Bible says, in Proverbs 16:9, ‘In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.’ There was a plan and a purpose for John and that continues.  In an episode of Touched By An Angel, Tess says, ‘Sometimes a person does his best living through the people he leaves behind.’  We are the people he left behind.  It is our charge to carry out John’s best living.  We need to make a difference in our communities. If we do that, we can change the world. It is my hope and prayer that Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye will be something John is proud of and that it will continue his legacy in a manner worthy of his calling and his purpose.

I had wondered a while back, what it would be like, when the next adversity in my life hit and I could not think of him being ‘out there’ somewhere offering hope. However, I am learning that he is now ‘up There’ offering hope.  I dreamed back in the spring that my life had again become chaotic and stressful due to unknown circumstances. In the dream, he was there (as, Andrew, I think) comforting me, and telling me I would make it through this. The day I learned my dad possibly had cancer, I came home, got on the internet, and opened an e-mail from a friend who had found, a “new” old picture of John.  There he was, offering up the peace and calmness I needed.  Then, a week or so later, when I learned my dad did have cancer and would be starting chemo, I again came across another picture of John.  He is still giving me hope. And, strangely, I feel closer to him because it’s like he knows me personally now and is encouraging me through pictures, contact with his parents, his other fans, and, of course, this site. I even wonder, if that dream was a forewarning of what I am now beginning to go through. He is still touching us. I was attracted to him through his portrayal of Andrew.  I felt John played that part as if Andrew were Jesus walking again on this earth.  His dad said in an interview that he could bring sunshine to your life…he certainly could, but, John could also bring Son-Shine, what an example he set!   John acted justly, he loved mercy and he walked humbly with his God.  He is now resting peacefully in his reward in Heaven.  But he is STILL making a difference. Through all the people he ‘touched’ on Earth and all the people he will ‘touch’ still.  This is why this man is so special. I love you, John.  You are my standard. I’ll see you when I get to Heaven-go eat some of my mom’s cooking! I miss it. She will fix all of your favorites.


When I was sixteen, my Grandpa Jim became very sick. Towards the end, my mom brought my siblings and me into his hospital room to say good bye. I told him I loved him and then I echoed the words that had brought me so much peace during the difficult months of his illness:

"I want you to know there's nothing... nothing to be afraid of.
On one side, there's life. And on the other...there's life, too."

The words were first spoken by John Dye as Andrew in the Touched by an Angel episode “Random Acts.” It was his voice saying those words that helped me every time the phone rang and I worried it was about Grandpa. His voice carried me through the hours spent at school when I wondered what was happening at the hospital. And that same voice has offered me encouragement and hope in the fourteen years that have passed since, with John’s help, I said good bye to my Grandpa.

I told myself then that if I ever met John, I would thank him for helping me through that first major loss in my life. But what my sixteen year old self couldn’t have known was that I would have so much more to thank John for. From the goofy to the profound, he changed my life for the better. He instilled in me a deep and abiding love for brightly colored Converses (see Campus Man). Jeff (Mother, Mother) taught me to take the time to admire the sunset because none of us knows how many we’ll get. I watched John’s sensitive portrayal of Doc Hock and was reminded of how great a price our troops pay and the importance of supporting them whether or not we support the war in which they served. And, of course, there was Andrew, promising life eternal and reminding us of God’s love. From John’s work with Journey to a Hate-Free Millennium and assorted interviews, I learned the importance... the imperative... of standing up against cruelty and hatred and giving back to our communities and the world. Because of him I can count among my friends fellow fans from the UK, Germany, Brazil, Canada, and all over the U.S. Now I find myself involved with Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye and feeling immensely grateful and blessed to have met new friends... and all because of John.

I thank God for John’s life even as I grieve the brevity of it. I also thank God that Heaven lasts forever. Because it’s become abundantly clear to me that when I do finally meet John on that other side he spoke of... I’m gonna need a lot of time to say a lot of thank yous to him.

To the Dye family: Thank you for sharing your beautiful John with the world. I hope, together, we can make this site into everything you wish it to be and an inspiring tribute to a man who inspired so many to do good and continues to do so both on this side and on the other side, too.

God bless,
Jenni Koll
Omaha, Nebraska


''Trust Him with all those things that frighten you and all those things that hurt you.
And also trust Him with your hopes and your dreams. He just wants to be the best friend you've ever had.''

This will always be my favourite line from Touched by an Angel, spoken by John Dye as Andrew. With just these few words, I fell to my knees and cried out for God to help me!! How can a man I never met and knew very little about come into my life via a TV screen and change it for the better? How can a complete stranger touch my heart and lift my spirit, offering comfort and reassurance that no matter how bad things got, I wasn't alone? The truth is, John Dye is not a stranger to me. I believe that the gentle, caring, compassionate soul that was Andrew was indeed John.

Following on from a very powerful dream where he brought me God's love, John has become a big part of my life. He is in my thoughts everyday, he inspires and motivates me. In just a few short months, I have gone from never having seen Touched by An Angel here in England to helping to create this wonderful site and tribute to John. I have worked alongside some incredible women who have transformed their love of John into a project which will bring love and kindness into their communities and I am incredibly blessed to count John's parents as friends.

John gave so much in life but sadly, much of what he gave me came in the wake of his death. I wish with all my heart that the Dye family hadn't lost their son, their brother and uncle but I hope and pray that they know how much he has touched lives and changed them for the better. I am so proud and privileged to be involved in this tribute and I know that in his name ......we will make a difference!!
Thank you John for giving me so much and sharing your wonderful parents with me.

Tracey Marinelli, England

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