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Reflections of John
              of John

To millions of Touched By An Angel fans, he was Andrew the gentle, loving, compassionate Angel of Death. To his family, friends, colleagues and co-stars - he was simply John. 

Here we are honoured to have those who were closest to John share their memories of this very special man!  If you knew John and would like to
send a reflection, please contact us at admin@payitforwardinmemoryofjohndye.net *


Mr Dye,

Gosh, I'm sorry that I've been so slow to write you about John. You know he and I were immediately and lastingly good friends on and around Tour.  We even travelled together to New York to do a game show of some sort, at the climax of which he, as loser, was tipped over backwards in his chair and out of sight, laughing his butt off, while "Hit the road, Jack" blasted over the speakers.

He was a fine actor, your John.  A shade or two better than the rest of us, if truth be told.  Certainly more professional in how he went about his job.  He came onto the cast fresh from the outside and seamlessly took his place.  At that point in the show, we'd all gotten a little wild, and somehow this skinny blond kid with glasses sort of reminded us that there'd be life after Tour and helped settle us down.

I'm sorry John has passed, Mr Dye.  I'm sorry for your loss.  I very much enjoyed our Mississippi common ground when you visited the set.  I enjoyed,  always, John's good company.  I liked him a lot.  We all did.  And I especially am grateful that he and I were friends.

Warmest regards,
Terry Knox


I was so " touched" to recently learn that this wonderful website has been established as a tribute to a beautiful man: my cousin, John Dye.! So saddened by the news of his passing, yet so lovingly replenished by such loving,(although limited to childhood recall) memories!..
In viewing the website, reflections and especially, "notes from John",..my heart was beating so reverently to actually visualize his handwriting: all capitols as I always recalled when we carved our initials onto his backyard tree! It was Godspeed reality type proof that the same "Johnny" I knew wrote that, and just as I recall back to age ten, 5th? 6th grade,.
Johnny you were always cut out for something larger than life as we were..always so humble,fun loving, God loving and playful! How we laughed until the wee hours,..and how I will always love to recall the awe I watched your success grow into!
..For decades, it seemed like we tried to conspire yet another cousin/family visit, only "next time Johnny wants to see New York"..amazing how life and living is exactly what happened while we were busy making other plans!
..I am so honored to have known you, and of course love you for whatever time we shared, dear cousin. It is so evident that so many lives in our world have been changed in your presence. Please give"Lady" Lynn a big kiss and enjoy that heavenly embrace..
Oh,..and please do send my love  to my mom,Aunt Eunice and my dad Uncle Joe. I'll bet they were sure so pleased to see you...I miss you all and will love you always,
Your New York cousin, Loretta Christina Pittelli


From Micki Dickoff, director, writer, and co-producer of Mother, Mother:

I met John Dye in 1988 at a casting session for Mother, Mother.  We had already auditioned dozens of actors for the lead role, a young man with AIDS estranged from his mother.  When John read, I knew I had found “Jeff” and a very special friend.    Like everyone involved with the project, John donated his time and talent to get the film made.  He believed in its message of unconditional love and forgiveness, and he wanted to make a difference.  John traveled all over the country with the film, raising money and awareness for AIDS research and patient support.  He was a great comfort to people with AIDS and their families.  John was always there with a ready smile, a big hug and a kind word.  The world is a better place because John was here.  I miss him.

(Micki has kindly offered to let us include some photos from
Mother, Mother.  Please click here to see them.  Thank you, Micki.)



I was John's 7th grade girlfriend at Cleveland Jr High School in Cleveland, TN. As much as you can really have a relationship at that age, he meant the world to me. We were in Warnie Finnell's Theater group in Cleveland and did a musical together. We both wanted to become actors. It has been too long now, and I cannot remember the name of the musical, but of course, John stole the show. He had a star quality even at age 12 or 13. I think I saw the production of The Sound of Music every night he was in the play at Cleveland High School.

He was extremely bright, and very special. I believe he knew he was destined for fame. He was also very kind, and even when we broke up I remember him not wanting to hurt me. In my yearbook he wrote "You are someone I always will remember". That feeling has always been mutual, and he will forever hold a sacred place in my heart as my first love...

I know he is missed by many, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Dolly Williams


From Kathy Ireland:

John was one of the warmest, most gifted artists I have ever known. I loved John--He was an angel.


From Roma Downey:

I lovingly hold John in my heart always and keep his family in my prayers. Remembering John makes me smile, he was a great actor, a wonderful man and a good friend.

(Ms. Downey kindly allowed us to share the above message written on the anniversary of John's passing.  She has also given us permission to include the following message written shortly after his death.)

Dear Johnny Dye, I loved you, sweet friend and will hold you in my heart till we meet again... God speed and many flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


From Anna Kasper:

Remembering John Dye who played Andrew the angel of death on Touched by an Angel. He died one year ago today. He was a true blessing in spirit. He is missed. I cherish that I was able to get to know him even if just for a little while.


The most vivid memory of John was when his parents, his brother, Jerre and he visited a local restaurant that I was working at and we were closed and the Dyes stayed to talk. My husband's name is also John and that particular night, we were talking about how we met our spouses. I proceeded to tell them that I had met my husband (John) on a blind date. John Dye smiled that beautiful smile at me and said we did, refresh my memory of our blind date! He was such an awesome person, and I love the Dyes dearly. Jim and Lynn have always pur others before themselves and they have helped me through some difficult times. I have been truly blessed to have such great friends as the Dyes and actually I feel as though they are family, not just friends.

Kim Pate Steele


Dear Friend, I hardly knew you
But you seemed like a great guy
It makes me so sad and blue
To hear that life has passed you by

You got out of this town

And made for yourself a name
You made us so proud
With your newfound fame

Too young to leave

Too much left to do
I guess God could see
That your time here was through

You touched so many people

We will never forget you
Now the one touched by an angel
Is you.

"I went to school with John but he was 3 years younger than me. So I felt like I knew him but "hardly" knew him. But he was really sweet to all of us when he came home. Just John."

Rebecca Sullins Howell


My friend John Dye

I had the pleasure of meeting John in San Francisco right after I moved there from Louisiana. I was like a fish out of water, he took me under his wings and showed me San Fran we spent many hours talking and laughing. That was the thing about John, he could talk and tease and always had a big kind heart that could never do enough for you. I have great memories which I will always cherish, many stories were told about his little bro Jerrie he was so proud of him, and Lynn his mother. Everytime John would travel home and take road trips with his mother my cell phone would burn up with calls from him and Lynn fun talks lots of laughter. Its really hard to put down in words how this person touched my life and still does he was a good man and I miss him alot. John gave so much of his time to helping people this website is a true tribute to him and he would be very proud of all who made this happen. PAY IT FORWARD IN YOUR NAME, JOHN MY FRIEND WE LOVE YOU

Robbie Picou


From Brent Scarpo, Journey to a Hate Free Millennium:

I remember asking Judy Shepard, the mother of Matthew Shepard, What celebrity would you like to see in the documentary?  Without missing a beat, she said, John Dye from Touched by an Angel.  My mouth dropped as I had some contacts with that production company and was excited about making this wish come true for a mother whose son was murdered due to a hate crime.  I contacted the production company and within days, John said he would love to be part of the project.  I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah, where they were filming and John truly represented the concept of random acts of kindness.  He allowed me to interview him, work with the rest of the cast and even showed up for two of the premieres.  John has an AMAZING soul and because of his participation with my film, Journey to a Hate Free Millennium, we have thwarted many suicides and changed the world for the better. We have shared the film on bullying to each US state as well as to over 1,000,000 people world wide.  John would be very proud.
--Brent Scarpo


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