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Here at Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye, we intend to honor John on what would have been his 49th birthday.  We look forward to collecting some written tributes for him to be posted here.  It would also be wonderful if everyone would commit to spending January 31st and/or the days surrounding it engaging in random acts of kindness in John's honor.  To help people along with that, we'd really love to collect 49 *new* ideas for giving back to our communities: one for each year since John's birth.  Please see the list, currently under construction, below.  If you have any suggestions for the list, would like to write a tribute for John during the month of his birth, or want to share how you're paying it forward in January; we'd love to receive them at admin@payitforwardinmemoryofjohndye.net.  Thank you for joining us in celebrating a life lived with compassion and love for others.

Birthday Tributes            "The 49 List"            Birthday RAOKS

Birthday Tributes

The members of the Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye Facebook group* decided to post photographs of candles they lit in honor of John's birthday.  You will find some of these images in the tributes below.  Thank you.


From Regina:

Dear John! You were celebrating your birthday, your 32nd birthday, in 1995. This day, miles away I was born into a world which would hurt me many times later in my life. You were working in a wonderful show, without even thinking that many years later, you, your way of acting, your personal life will help a teenage girl to discover the wonderful side of a life with God. Yes, you're actually right, this teenage girl is just me. I know that your birthday is tomorrow (it's also mine, so I won't forget it), but tomorrow I won't have any access to the internet, so I want to leave this message today..... Thank you for being born, John, thank you so much for everything you have done for those who have never met you, for the love you gave. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven! Greetings and love: Regina from Germany


From Samantha:

Happy Birthday in Heaven.


From Wendy:


Dear sweet John,

God bless your family always and may He guide us all in living our lives in the same spirit of service, kindness and generosity with which you lived your life.  Your gentle spirit of love and compassion is a gift to us all.  We miss you and thank you for sharing yourself with the world and bringing so much love, light and beauty to so many.  This world is a better place because of you.

Happy Birthday,


From Michael:

On what would have been his 49th birthday, Happy Birthday John. I will light a candle for you tonight at my church. In addition to honor John's memory and to thank the Dye family for allowing me on this site, I will be sending a donation in his memory to the youth services at St Andrews United Methodist Church in Amory, MS. I think it is appropriate and nice gesture in his name. Happy Birthday!!!


From Marjorie:

Thank you for being here. May we all carry on and make you proud.


From Joëlle:

Happy Birthday John.


From Carrie:

Happy Birthday in Heaven, John.


John first caught my attention on Tour of Duty.  At first, it was his beautiful appearance, then I realized he was a handsome, talented man with a great heart.  A genuine soul.  Then Touched By An Angel gave him the role that allowed the soul of this down to earth man to soar in the heavens.  And I, and the world, was touched by the Angel of this man.  As he is remembered this day for his entry into this world, God is praised for his wonderful life example and the magnificent soul that was John Dye.  He is embedded in my heart.  Happy Birthday, Sweet Soul.  Love, Ellen xoxo


From Rebecca:

I want to say how grateful I am for the life of John Dye. He was a wonderful man and contributed so much to the world around him. The world is a much better place for John being here. As we are approaching both the anniversary of his birthdate and of his passing I wanted to say "Thank you" to John, and how much he is missed by so many people. very Sincerely, Rebecca


From Suzanne:

John, we never met, but you had a profound effect on my life. I'm suffering from a terminal illness, MND. Thankfully slow,and I'm positive it is part due to positive messages I heard from him in Touched by an Angel. I know it was script read, but you knew he meant every word he spoke. I am so grateful to his parents bringing him into the world and allowing us to share him. May he be at peace, smiling over us. We love you John X


From Graciela:

To John's family and friends;

My family and myself, we will have you's in our thoughts and in our hearts.

As we know John's spirit lives on and his energy is felt.

It's wonderful knowing we will all be together once again, in Gods presence !!

We still love watching " Touch by an Angel " we love seeing John, playing as ' Andrew the Angel of death '.

Specially the moments when he comes to take someone back home ' heaven '. It surely can give you goosebumps.

God bless John Dye and to all;

Graciela from Australia


I Will Wait for You: A True Story
                                                                 I dreamed I saw an angel standing by my bed,
                                                                 I said “are you John or Andrew”
                                                                 He smiled at me “why I am John” he said
                                                                 I am going home to be with the Father this very night, I felt no fear
                                                                 But he took my hand and held it
                                                                “It’s not your time to go,I have to leave you here.”
                                                                 The tears came as I watched him glow
                                                                 He squeezed my hand and said,
                                                                 On this earth, God has more for you to do and see,
                                                                 But when that day comes and He calls you home,
                                                                 Your angel, I promise to be.
                                                                                                                               Happy Birthday John, in heaven
                                                                                                                                Priscilla Ragsdell

From Cindy:

Dear John, I'm glad you were born. You bring love and joy to your family and friends. Your fans adore you, admire you and love you so very much. You bring many who never knew you laughter, comfort, and peace through your work. You make us smile. You make us think. You make us want to be better people. You make a difference and you inspire us to do the same. To us, you really are an Angel. This world is a better place because you were born. We love you...I love you. Happy Birthday! Cindy

I was reminded of an episode of Promised Land .  The episode was ‘Civil Wars’ and in it Dinah is upset because she sees Andrew and knows he is the Angel of Death.  However, Andrew is there to reassure her. He says to her, “You know, I don’t always take people to Heaven, sometimes I get to bring Heaven to them.”

I realized that was John.  God sent a little bit of Heaven to Earth the day he was born.  People experienced a part of Heaven for almost 48 years through John.  Although that little bit of Heaven is back where he belongs, he left some of himself behind for us.  We have his work and we have his legacy.  That part of Heaven will always be with us.  John got to bring Heaven to us and he left it for us.

Happy Birthday Angel-Boy, you are so very loved.


From Tracey:

John as I sit and think about what has happened over the last few months and how my life has changed. I think of how you came to me through a TV screen,  I think of the times that I watched you on Touched By An Angel and how I wished that I had an Angel watching over me, somebody who was watching out
for me, somebody  who would never leave me to deal with anything on my own. Then came the dream and from that moment, I knew that I would never be alone again, I knew that I was loved. I knew that no matter what came my way, I had my angel watching out for me. I grieve for the man that was lost but I am blessed by the things you left behind. Your legacy of love and compassion, your selfless acts and kind heart but I will be forever grateful to you for the new friends that you brought into my life, for the precious gift of your parents. I promise you John that I will try, I will really try and carry with me your kind heart and your example. Your work here was done but mine is not and my hope is that you will continue to watch over me and guide me. You are my motivation and my inspiration and I will hold you close always. Happy Birthday My Angel, you may be gone but definitely not forgotten. Until I come home Angel Boy xx 


To A Wonderful Man whose name is: John Happy Birthday Angel boy you brought a whole lot of joy.
You have touched our hearts and your spirit lives on within our hearts.
This poem is a work of art with words that came to me today.
This is my birthday tribute to John.


From Annie:

Happy Birthday John! Although this is a sad day for your family, friends, and fans, I can't even imagine how amazing it is for you to be spending your second birthday Home! Although it's been a year since you passed, you're are still very much in our hearts, and always will be! I treasure all of the TBAA episodes that you were in, movies, etc, that you left behind for us to watch and in that way, keep you close to our hearts when we miss you so much! It's those shows, and movies that I turn to when I miss you SO much and just need to see your face and hear your soothing, comforting voice! For that I am eternally grateful! Happy Birthday Angel Boy! I can't wait to see you when I go Home! I love you so much!


Dear John,

It's been one year since since you passed away,may I say that you are still so very missed by your family,friends and your fans.

You have touched so many hearts with so many people all around the world.

I must say John your smile is all so sweet you must have lit so many candles in your life.

Happy Birthday John and God bless you,I will have you and your family always in my prayers.

Lots of love
Carmen from Australia


From Drahomíra:

Happy Birthday for John Dye and memory,memory ,memory. I love.


Dear John,

As I remember you on your birthday, I'm filled with an immense feeling of gratitude.  You have been filling my life with messages of love, faith, and hope since I was 13 and saw your first episode of Touched by an Angel.  In the sixteen years since, I went from thinking of you as "that new angel guy" to someone I admired not only for your acting ability but also for your commitment to standing up for those in need, speaking up for those who are mistreated, and pointing Up to those who needed the assurance that death is not the end and good byes are not forever.  I may not stand by all I said and did as a teenager but I think in the area of picking crushes... I certainly knew what I was doing!

Thank you for the love you showed this world.  Thank you for reminding us of God's love.  Thank you for helping me find my voice and find my way in this world.  Thank you for making it possible for me to find friends among this dear, wonderful group of people who love you.  Thank you so much, John.

Happy birthday, John!  I am very, very glad you were born.

Love always,



49 Ways to Honor John and Pay It Forward on His Birthday

1.  To commemorate a birthday, complete random acts of kindness to equal the number of years celebrated-example: 49 for John's 49th.

2.  Our troops overseas really get a lot of encouragement from the internet.  Try to find a group site or an individual (check with local churches or military affiliates) that you can communicate with through the internet. They love Facebook and e-mail, as well as care packages and snail mail.

3.  For people on Facebook or who send out e-mails; why not send out a quote, or encouragement of some kind, daily, weekly or monthly to encourage and inspire others?

4.  Check with organizations that aid abused children to see if they need no-sew fleece blankets for those they are counseling.

5.  If you know someone who is grieving, offer to scan photographs for them.  They may want to ensure these mementos of their loved ones are preserved but not be able to do it themselves.

6.  Another way to support those experiencing loss is to offer your help in going through personal effects at their convenience.

7.  You might also offer to accompany them to the cemetery if they want to go but just don't want to go alone.

8.  Call local VA hospitals or retirement homes and see if you might be able to send birthday cards to folks there.

9.  Volunteer for Forces and Veteran flag days.

10.  In lieu of gifts on special occasions, purchase livestock for a family who needs it or sponsor an animal at a preserve and present information about this gift to the recipient.  If you still want them to have something physical as their gift, you could always purchase a plush version of the animal for them to remember the gift by.

11.  Give blood.

12.  Loan somebody something and then forget about doing so.

13.  Buy the Big Issue (UK) to support the homeless.

14.  Tell someone you love them.  You probably show it and they probably know it but it's always nice to hear.

15.  Do you have a jar where you collect loose change?  For John's birthday, take that money and make a donation to a charity.  Use this idea throughout the year.  With the economy like it is and resources in short supply different charities could really use the donations.

16.  To honor John this year or for his birthday, offer to help someone learn to read.  Check with the Literary Alliance of your county that offers free training for tutoring.   A priceless gift with immeasurable benefits.

17.  Most of us are very blessed and we all know someone at work that is struggling just to get to work. As a RAOK for John's Birthday Tribute, do something for them, buy a strip of bus tickets for them, give then a meal coupon from a near by restaurant, put a coffee on their desk, treat them to a snack and leave it on their desk, put a hand lotion in their in box. There are any number of blessings that this person will appreciate.

 18. Leave your phone number with a housebound neighbour and volunteer to pick up their prescriptions or any provisions they need from the grocery store.

19. Knit or crochet clothes for use in maternity units or funeral homes to clothe stillborn or mis-carried babies. The internet provides plenty of pattern ideas and guidelines for creating these items for those precious little ones who were too special to be born.

20. Anytime you hear a first responder siren or see a first responder (police, Fire, EMT) heading out to a call, lift up a prayer for the people it is responding too. You could even life up a prayer for the next call coming in if you see one at lunch or returning to their station.

I read this today and wanted to share it with you; Giving and receiving are yin/yang related activities. The act of giving to others whether in terms of time, space, ideas, love or material possessions - creates the space for you to receive something in return. When we are completely focused on ourselves and forget to "discharge" some of our energy into the world, we just get stuck. There is no room for inspiration or creativity and stubborn illnesses or debilitating fatigue can often result. The act of giving simply creates the space for new opportunities and new possibilities to enter your life" Jon Sandifer Feng Shui For Life. So if you did need a reason for a random act of kindness, I think you have just been given one.

22.  How about a community rubbish ...er sorry trash collection. A guy from our local village walks around everyday and picks up rubbish around the high street and shops. Does a great job of keeping his community clean!!

23.  How about placing a box or something in your office (with permission, of course) to collect coats, toiletries, etc. for a local charity and then taking it in when your co-workers fill it? I know sometimes people have things hanging around their house that they'd like to donate but just never quite manage to get themselves to the homeless shelter, animal shelter, children's services, etc. You'd be enabling others to pay it forward and getting the needed goods to where they need to be.

24.  I was thinking about "Campus Man" and this popped into my head... If you have a family member in the military or away from the rest of the family for any reason for an extended period of time, make them a photo calendar with family photos. It's something they would see every day and it would remind them that they were loved. Maybe even pose your family members with signs reading "We love you, Name!" or similar messages.

25.  Cake sale at work, donate the money to a community project.

26.  Donate unwanted Christmas gifts to your local charity shop.

27.  Offer to walk an elderly or sick neighbour's pet.

28.  Donate books to the local library.

29.  If you see someone getting taunted because of their race, sexual orientation, religion, economic status or anything, stand up for them. Or at the very least let them know that not everyone feels as the bully does. They are loved and valued.

30.  Many local charities and schools have wish lists. They might even be available online. Obtain the wish list of a charity/school of your choice and always take it with you when you go shopping. Pick up an item from the wish list or several as you do your own shopping.

31.  I was able to get tours at a couple of the places that I did my RAOKs for. I didn't ask because I didn't want to take up their time. They just offered. I think they like having the opportunity to share what they do because then people feel more strongly about supporting them. And, hopefully, you then go out and tell friends "I had this great tour of ---- and it's so amazing what they do!" I know I did. So if you are helping a place, be open to maybe doing a bit more than just dropping items off. The interest may be more appreciated than you realize.

32.  Consider volunteering time at an elementary school as a student tutor for the little kids.

33.  Start or join a Facebook Bible Study or Prayer Group you will be helping yourself and others.

34.  Become a supporter of a local or national organization to promote nature itself...cleanup, preservation, and development of green space is very important now with our ever growing population.

35.  Inspire others to Pay It Forward. By talking about paying it forward, you may light the spark for somebody else who is maybe looking for meaning or purpose in their life. With your words you may encourage a lonely person to get out and make a difference to somebody else's life. The possibilities are endless just by practising what we preach.

36.  Many, many people are full-time caregivers to sick or disabled family members. If you know someone in that position, ask if you can help their loved one for a few hours so the caregiver can have some time to themselves to recharge or meet up with friends.

37. Volunteer at your local animal shelter and give  some time, love and tenderness
to those animals  who have been unwanted and neglected.

38. Support your local parrot and bird sanctuaries.

39. Treat a friend who is going through troubling times to a evening out at the movies or a game of miniture golf to help relieve the stress.

40. Make personalised prayer beads for a stressed friend or present them with a "friendship rock" on which you wrote a message to encourage them. Make sure that you pray over it to create a spiritual connection with them.

41. Create business size inspirational cards. These can be easily carried and handed to someone who needs encouragement or support.

Create a coupon book of RAOK's. Give a coupon to someone you know and let them redeem it when they need it the most. Better yet. Create a coupon book and ask a friend to join you in completing the RAOK's created. Then ask them to pass it forward.

If you know of a person needing a job and has limited or no computer access, offer to help them go on line and apply or offer to help them place a resume on line.

Offer to teach computer classes for free. Now a days there is need for basic Excel, Word, email, etc. I want to ask my church and see if we can get a class together.

45. Offer to clean a house for free for somebody in need.

Take $5.00 or £5.00 out of your pay check and turn it into singles. Carry it with you to help if someone needs assistance.

47.  As our young are our futures, it is really important to invest time and energy to helping them become their "best self". In a world that seems to have become very self centered, how about encouraging our youngsters to Pay It Forward and make a difference in their community? Why not set up a youth task force in your area, gather some willing young people and wash cars, weed gardens, help pack shopping at the supermarket anything to inspire them to think of others before self. I think maybe John would have approved of us teaching our people how to change the world a bit at a time.

48.  If you receive a "gift card" that you do not need, either donate it to a charity or use it to buy necessities for a charity and donate them.

49.  Clip coupons from your local newspaper and donate them to a charity or a family that you know is in need.

And since we’re committed to carrying John’s legacy of compassion into many more years to come, here are some more ideas...

50.  Offer to start a Victory Garden for someone who would not otherwise be able to grow their own food, and help to maintain the garden through the seasons.

51.  If you know someone who makes things for charitable causes, consider donating needed materials for them to use.  I've been on the receiving end of this sort of generosity and really appreciated being helped to bring comfort to others. 

52.  Donate DVDs to your local hospice.

53.  Help those in our communities, churches, schools by giving motivation to the younger generation which helps greatly.


Random Acts of Kindness in Honor of John's Birthday

From Ellen:

In honor of John's life here on earth, I have signed up to train and tutor adults who cannot read or have reading handicaps.  I cannot imagine not being able to read and research.  I want to pay it forward in John's honor by helping other people have a much larger world and more beautiful life experience, as he did.


From Michael:

Just wanted to share a nice story here. I volunteer 2 days a week at my local senior center driving seniors to d's appt, shopping etc. This one lady I drove had 2 big bags of cat liter and 2 cases of water. This poor lady is 75 years old. I see her come out of the store and I help her load everything in the van. Drive her back to her house and brought everything inside for her. "No one ever helps me like that!! Thank you."  She proceeds to hand me a $5 bill. "Thank you", I said, "but I can not take tips". What a thoughtful young man. She asked if she could have a hug. I said yes and hugged her. I'm glad I made someone's day a little nicer. Just wanted to share.


From Cathy:

I have had two situations where I have helped my friends through troubled times this year. This is what I did to help them:
1. Treat them to a movie or minature golf. Something fun that will take them away for a little while to relieve some of the stress they feel. It doesn't have to be expensive but spend some time with them. Imagine how you would feel if you were facing a low point in your life and someone you liked treated you to a little something special. I would feel warm fuzzies.

2. In both the above situations I made them Anglican Rosaries. I prayed for God's guidance, created the rosary in colours that spoke to them and gave it to them when we finished our "treat" mentioned above. By hand making a gift and praying over it you create a spiritual connection with them. They have something to hold when times are difficult and they know that you are there in spirit with them as they face their challenges.


From Angela Lorraine:

Hi, did a Random Act of Kindness today by donating £50 to my neighbours parrot sanctuary so they can adapt their house to allow for 6 rescue owls.


From Tracey:

I have set up a knitting project called "Precious Comforts" in honour of John's birthday. Myself, family and friends  are knitting blankets and tiny clothes for babies who are born sleeping. They will be supplied to maternity hospitals and funeral homes so that the parents have something to dress their precious babies in and with the blankets, they will be given to the parent as a keepsake.


From Priscilla:

For my RAOK this month I will continue my trips to the women’s shelter but I started this last month. I plan to buy someone lunch once a month. Last month there was an elderly man who cleans up around the service station where I buy gas. I just asked “Sir, may I buy your lunch today ? “ His eyes filled with tears and he hugged me. I said , “Merry Christmas, this is in honor of an angel.” That was the best money I ever spent. The Lord laid this on my heart when I saw him, so I will depend on Him to guide me to someone every month.


From Tom (via Tracey):

Tom was in the store the other day and a little boy was buying milk and bread. He was short of the money and was told that he had to go put back the milk or the bread, so Tom gave him the money so that he could buy both.


From Tracey:

 I took a stranded student to the train station when her taxi didn't show.

From Cindy:

One thing that I have been doing this month is to pay for the order of the car behind me in a drive thru. I don't do fast food much but decided I could at least buy a coke. And, I do ask how much the order is before I offer to pay for it...as i really don't want to pay for an entire office staff's meal...it has been interesting the couple of times I've done this. First what surprised me is the cashiers have not been surprised when I say I want to pay for the order behind me. But what does surprise *them* is when I hand them a PIF Leave Behind Card and say "give them this with their order and tell them I said to pay it forward." I need to start giving them two or three of those cards..as they always stand there and read it while waiting for me to pull out and the next car pull in. :-)


From Jenni:

To commemorate John's birthday, I decided I wanted to re-visit three of the RAOKs he inspired me
to perform this year. So this month I made a bunch of special "PIF angels" in green and attached our leave behind cards for John's birth month. I wanted to do this because the original batch of blue and yellow angels were my first official PIF RAOK. They're what made me realize that I could use my craft skills to help promote John's legacy of compassion and that all important message "God loves you!" While I'm still dropping the angels in random locations, I've also started outright giving them to people. Word sometimes gets around and then others will ask for them so I make sure everyone who would like one receives one.

Another thing I did in John's memory this past year was buy a couple Christmas gifts for a child at our local Ronald McDonald House as part of my work place's adoption of a family from there. We also served dinner there one night. So for John's birthday, I donated some food to their pantry.

Finally, making fleece blankets and pillows for people who need encouragement has been a RAOK of mine dating back to January 2011, even before Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye started. So this past weekend I made four more blankets for a local service that aids children who are abused or neglected. I'm waiting for more material to arrive from MS so I can spend John's birthday week working on at least 10 more to bring to the center. At this point, I can't even see fleece without thinking of John and all the kindness he's inspired! It's a great feeling.

Happy birthday, John! We'll keep your message and your goodness alive here!


From Joelle:

For the 49th anniversary of John I donated to three organizations: WWF, Greenpeace and La Ligue Vaudoise contre le cancer.

*The Facebook group has closed and we've relocated to our very own online community.  Please email Cindy and Jenni at admin@payitforwardinmemoryofjohndye.net if you'd like to join or have questions.  Thanks!

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