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We are very thankful to everyone who submits items for the Random Acts of Kindness page.  Whenever folks share a random act of kindness on this site via email or Facebook, they're sent a special thank you graphic.  We wanted to find a way to share those with people who are reporting anonymously, too.  Therefore, this page was created.  If you submitted a RAOK using the old anonymous form, check this page.  Right click the graphic below your reflection excerpt and select "Save image as..." to download your thank you graphic.  We hope you'll use these to spread the word about the site, for your scrapbook, or whatever you would like.  Many thanks for being part of Pay It Forward in Memory of John Dye!


For the unknown person who wrote: "My city got a lot of snow and then it melted and refroze..."

For all those who took part in our "50 Hours for 50 Years" challenge: Thank you!!!